Bodies of Text Continues!

Stone Depot’s piece, Skirting the Issue, premiered in Bodies of Text II this May andenjoyed great success!

One audience member said:  “I loved the beginning with Katherine (Stark) avoiding all the cups – that scenario … encompassed so many universal struggles… being confined to a certain amount of space and having obstacles within that space but vigorously weaving around those obstacles and exploring as much as possible within the set space…  there was an interesting qualitative mix of anxiousness and rebellious power that leads one to think about how one reacts to strictly-enforced boundaries …

I haven’t seen a lot of work in Philly that I’ve fallen in love with…so I am moved to share my appreciation.”

Beau Hacock & Eleanor Goudie-Averill, co-directors of Stone Depot, will premiere a new piece in Bodies of Text III, the last in our collaborative series with the Philadelphia Center for the Book, in the Philly Fringe Festival this Fall!

The piece, inspired by Anna Mavromatis’ gorgeous book, is an outdoor site-specific installation. 

Shows are at 4 & 7 pm on September 3rd and will begin at Clark Park C in West Philadelphia.


~ by eleanorga on June 2, 2011.

One Response to “Bodies of Text Continues!”

  1. Can’t wait to see how you’ll translate/interpret my book into dance.
    See you on September 3!

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