Bodies of Text III: Site-Specific and FREE!

If you saw Skirting the Issue in Bodies of Text II, be sure not to miss Bodies of Text III, which will take place on September 3rd at 4 & 7 pm beginning at Clark Park C (the corner of Woodland Ave and 43rd/45th Streets) in West Philly.

Bodies of Text is a joint venture between the Philadelphia Center for the Book and the diverse Philly dance community, producing unique dance productions based on the work of selected book artists from across the country.   So far the project coordinators, Mary Tasillo of the Center for the Book and I (Eleanor Goudie-Averill of SDDL!) have produced two successful shows. The final show will take place outdoors at Clark Park C in and is free to the public.

Stone Depot’s Piece …

This installment of Bodies of Text includes our unique collaboration with book artist Anna Mavromatis and visual artist Nicole Donnelly.  Mavromatis’ provocative book, In the Wings, provides the inspiration for choreographers Eleanor Goudie-Averill & Beau Hancock and Donnelly to create a performance/performance environment which will include large outdoor sculptures (see examples at  The piece also uses source material from early photographs by Robert Muybridge–first attempts at capturing bodies in motion!

Why you should not miss this piece, intellectually speaking …

This performance is an opportunity for audience members to experience dance in an unusual setting, as well as reinventing the usual surroundings of the park for passersby.  Site-specific works provide the audience with the agency to connect with the performance in their own way.  So often dance performance is limited to proscenium stages, expensive concert halls, and obscure or inaccessible venues.  In placing this performance in Clark Park and charging no admission creates a welcoming environment for all members of Philadelphia’s diverse community to share in the artistic process of the Bodies of Text project.


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