Philly Fringe 2012!

This Fringe, Stone Depot Dance Lab is delighted to be co-producing two performances:

Kicking off the Festival on September 7 & 8 Eleanor Goudie-Averill with team up with Pam Vail to present Go Together!

Drawn together by a penchant for rigor, design, physicality and thoughtful collaboration, dance artists Goudie-Averill and Vail present a concert of premiers: Mechanism—a duet by the two choreographers with an original score by Brandon Evans; Vail’s new duet with theatre artist Jon Foley Sherman; the large and energetic I think I no you from some knowhere by Goudie-Averill with live music by Temple University’s percussion ensemble, bookended by two dynamic companion duets; a complex and visceral solo by Peter Schmitz with an original score by Michael Chorney performed by Vail; an electrifying videodance created by video artist Jeremy Moss with Vail; and Goudie-Averill’s solo based on Philadelphia poet CA Conrad’s (Soma)tic Poetry exercises.  To get tickets click here!

As if that weren’t enough, Goudie-Averill also pairs up with choreographer Lesya Popil to create For Members Only, featuring a sculptural environment by artist Nicole Donnelly and dancing by Hedy Wyland and Lindsay Browning.

As a member of our audience on September 22 & 23rd, you will gain access to restricted and expanded views, physical framing, dismemberment and inclusive reduction … memories will be made manifest in a stunning visual environment.

To get tickets click here!

Click here to support the project by donating to our  Kickstarter campaign–THANK YOU!

Rehearsal Footage:  June


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