Stone Depot at December’s Nice and Fresh series!

Join us on December 6th and 7th at 7 & 9 pm at Moving Arts of Mt. Airy as we perform Discreet Holy Landspan …




… High above the river valley, with its sharp cliff faces and soft trees with changing leaves, St. Bilba sits with her sisters.  She lives in the form of a reliquary bust with a wry expression.  Inside there are fragments of the bones of her scull.  She simultaneously conceals and reveals, hiding mystic relics with a mysterious smile…  Discreet Holy Landspan is a new work by Eleanor Goudie-Averill that take inspiration from her austere and intriguing beauty.  Danced by Goudie-Averill with Melissa Chisena and Scott McPheeters, the piece was originally staged on eight dancers from the Franklin & Marshall College dance company in for their Fall concert in Lancaster, PA on November 21-23.

1474613_666118043419993_765806918_nTickets for Nice and Fresh December are $7 and can be purchased HERE




~ by eleanorga on November 18, 2013.

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