Upcoming Performances


  • March 9-10:  The Lorax, a new youth modern/contemporary dance production with artistic direction by Eleanor Goudie-Averill, at the Lawrence Arts Center.
  • March 19:  Goudie-Averill will dance Tori Lawrence + Co.’s newest work Film No.7 at Movement Research at the Judson Church on Washington Square in NYC.  The performance is FREE with doors at 7:45 pm and show at 8 pm.
  • Stay tuned for news about Stone Depot’s newest collaboration, Blue Highways, which will premiere at the 2018 Philly Fringe Festival!

More to be added soon. Thank you for your support!

Recent Performances


  • January 22:  Eleanor Goudie-Averill performed as a part of Jodi Melnick and Yoshiko Chuma’s MELT workshop at Movement Research at the Judson Church.
  • January 9:  Goudie-Averill and Beau Hancock will present an in-progress solo collaboration at Movement Research’s Open Performance Series.


  • December 2:  Tori Lawrence + Co. presented Film No. 7, a solo work featuring Goudie-Averill, as a part of professor Lynn Brooks’ retirement celebration at Franklin & Marshall College.
  • November 25:  Goudie-Averill will perform a new solo work at the HATCH Performance Series at The Works Studio, 131 West 24th Street, 4th Floor, New York City.
  • October 6-7:  Goudie-Averill performed in longtime collaborator Beau Hancock’s In the companye of sondry folk at Temple University’s Conwell Dance Theater as a part of the Dance Alumni Showcase, and included a new version of a duet that G-A and Hancock originally created in 2004 just after graduating from KU.
  • October 20-21:  Marginalia:  An Evening of Performance at Links Hall in Chicago: Goudie-Averill will dance Film No. 7, a new solo by Tori Lawrence + Co.
  • June 16:  Goudie-Averill’s flirty new ballet Summer Swing premiered at the Summer Ballet Intensive final showing in the Elizabeth Sherbon Blackbox Theater at the University of Kansas.
  • April-May:  Tori Lawrence + Co. will be in residence at the Djerassi Resident Artist Program in Woodside, California with dancer Eleanor Goudie-Averill and director Tori Lawrence.
  • March 31-April 1:  Peter and the Wolf was presented by the Lawrence Arts Center for the third year running with KU Symphony Orchestra.
  • March 17-18:  Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters, a new youth modern/contemporary dance production directed and co-choreographed by Eleanor Goudie-Averill, at the Lawrence Arts Center.


  • November 17-18:  University Dance Company Concert premiere of Eleanor Goudie-Averill’s new piece, Untitled Dance for Eleven, with live music by the KU Percussion Ensemble, at the Lied Center on the KU campus.
  • November 4-5: Tori Lawrence + Co’s premiere of Progress on the Lawrence Arts Center stage, featuring dancers Eleanor Goudie-Averill and Taryn Griggs.
  • August 3:  Eleanor Goudie-Averill and Tori Lawrence in an improvised performance at the HOT Series (Mascher Space Coop) in Philadelphia.
  • May 20:  The Lawrence Art Center’s annual Dance Gala Concert will feature a documentary film, by Marlo Angell, about the outreach work that Eleanor Goudie-Averill has done this year as the dance education specialist in-residence.  This nine-month position was fully funded by a grant from the Kansas Health Foundation.
  • April 15-16:  The Lawrence Ballet Theatre’s Emergence Concert featured Returning, a new solo by Eleanor Goudie-Averill.
  • January 29-31:  Peter and the Wolf came back by popular demand to the Lawrence Arts Center.  Sets by Neil Goss and music by the KU Orchestra.
  • January 16, 2016:  An Evening of Dance and Film at the Cider Gallery, featuring Scenarios by Eleanor Goudie-Averill, produced by Stone Depot Dance Lab and danced with Juliet Remmers, alongside films by Tori Lawrence & Co.


  • December 4:  First Friday Performances at the Mulvane Art Museum in conjunction with the Garden Plots exhibit by Tom Averill and Clint Ricketts.  Eleanor Goudie-Averill will be joined by Juliet Remmers in two improvised duet performances at 6 & 6:30 pm.
  • October 22-31:  midnight visit to the grave of poe:  a grotesque arabesque; Eleanor Goudie-Averill, current Lawrence Arts Center artist-in-residence, will be dancing in choreography by Gary Abbott of Deeply Rooted with two of his company dancers.
  • June 13:  Summer of the Arts Pre-Movie Performance by the Iowa Repertory Dance Ensemble, featured a new collaborative dance by Eleanor Goudie-Averill, Kristin Marrs and Jessica Anthony!
  • June 7:  Iowa Arts Festival Performances by the Iowa Repertory Dance Ensemble featuring new works by Eleanor Goudie-Averill, Kristin Marrs and Jessica Anthony.
  • June 1:  Improvisational Performance with dancers Elizabeth June Bergman, Tori Lawrence and DJ Barry Phipps at The Barry Phipps Shop in Iowa City.
  • May 2:  International Dance Day Festival Outdoor Performance, Byblos, Lebanon- Ladies of the Lakes, a new ballet and improvisations with all dance faculty.
  • March 27-29:  Peter and the Wolf, a new ballet commissioned by the Lawrence Arts Center, with live music by the KU Symphony Orchestra.
  • February 26-28:  Dancers in Company, University of Iowa- Premiere of Terra Incognita, the new sextet version Ellie Goudie-Averill’s Forth!
  • February 12-14:  Faculty/Graduate Concert, University of Iowa- Premiere of Hiding in Plain Sight, Ellie Goudie-Averill’s collaboration with Kristin Marrs, a contemporary ballet for seven dancers.
  • February 6 & 20:  Ladies of the Lakes, a solo performance in, around and inspired by the art of Marguerite Perret at the Mulvane Art Museum at Washburn University in Topeka, KS


  • April 14-May 6:  International Dance Day Festival in Byblos, Lebanon!  Beau Hancock and Eleanor Goudie-Averill taught class, created new works and performed at IDDFL’s fourth year.
  • April 5-6:  Premiere of Forth, a new trio by Eleanor Goudie-Averill with live original music by Jonathan Cannon, at the first weekend of Group Motion’s Spiel Uhr Festival 2014:  Branching.
  • February 7 & 8:   An Evening of Duets,” Dazzling Little Deaths, a duet danced with Rain Ross to the live poetry of Laura Spagnoli, presented by Chisena Danza at the CEC.


  • December 6 & 7:  “Nice and Fresh: Pop-up Performances of New Theater and Dance Works,” Discreet Holy Landspan trio at Moving Arts of Mount Airy with performances at 7 & 9 pm.
  • September 27:  SkyDive #13:  featuring work by Melissa Diane, Melissa Chisena and more.
  • September 17:  Stone Depot in a site specific improvised performance at the Pavilion in the Trees for the Association of Public Art’s launch of their Museum Without Walls program.
  • August 15-18:  Cultivate Dance Festival in Bethlehem, NH; performance of Sensus with Ellie Goudie-Averill and Beau Hancock at the Colonial Theater and community classes for adults and kids.
  • July 27:  Melissa Diane’s South Philly Salo(o)n, Doors at 7:30 pm, performance at 8 pm, The Arts Parlor (1170 S Broad St.), Featuring Sensus, by Ellie Goudie-Averill with Melissa Chisena.
  • June 14:  Stone Depot Dance Lab presented Sensus at the DanceUSA Conference’s Philly Late Night at the Performance Garage
  • May 18-19: ZIPLINE: premiering the works of 8 emerging & seasoned female choreographers, Weekend Two, featured works by Sarah Gamblin (TX), Pamela Vail, Tori Lawrence + Co & Amy Lynne Barr (Philadelphia).
  • May 10-11: ZIPLINE: premiering the works of 8 emerging & seasoned female choreographers, Weekend One, featured works by Kayle & Company (IA), A.O. Movement Collective (NYC), and Meredith Lyons (Philadelphia) with Rachel Boggia & Annie Kloppenberg (ME).
  • April 12 & 19:  Casual Friday, danced by Ellie Goudie-Averill and Beau Hancock, with live original music by Christopher Farrell at the Ruba Club, a part of PIFA 2013!
  • March 22:  SkyDive Showing #12, Casual Friday Edition!
  • February 24:  For Members Only at the WAXworks festival at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn!
  • February 8-9:  An evening of duets at the CEC, presented by Chisena Danza, featured a new duet by Ellie Goudie-Averill, danced by Melissa Chisena and Scott McPheeters!
  • January 25:  SkyDive Showing #11
  • January 13, 2013:  Stone Depot teamed up with Movement Brigade to create a trio for A Stick and A Stone’s release of the new album Night Vision


  • December 15-16:  Group Motion’s Spiel Uhr, 8 pm at the CEC, featured For Members Only
  • November 30:  SkyDive Showing #10
  • November 9-10:  University of Iowa Alumni Showcase featured an excerpt of I think I no you from some knowhere
  • October 13, 2012:  Mixed Drinks, a performance featuring 30 choreographers dancing to original 2 minute compositions
  • September 28:  SkyDive Showing #9
  • September 22 & 23:  For Members Only, Philly Fringe Festival Performance at Mascher Space Co-Op, a collaboration between choreographers EGA and Lesya Popil and visual artist/paper-maker/sculptor Nicole Donnelly!
  • Septmeber 14 & 15:  Dance Amidst Art at Make it Break it Rebuild it, FREE Fringe Performances in a stunning visual arts installation!
  • September 7 & 8:  Go Together, Philly Fringe Festival Performance with choreography by Eleanor Goudie-Averill and Pam Vail!
  • May 13:  Jubilant Thicket at the Walking Fish Theater, 7 pm!
  • May 14:  Movement Research at the Judson Church, NYC @ 8 pm!
  • May 18:  SkyDive Showing #8
  • February 18-19:  Group Motion’s Spiel Uhr at the CEC featured Mechanism, a NEW movement-driven, collaborative duet by EGA and Pam Vail!
  • February 23-25:  Regional Choreography Festival in Kansas at the Lawrence Arts Center; EGA was adjudicator and Featured Choreographer and Casual Friday, with Beau Hancock, premiered at the Saturday evening Showcase


  • December 2-3:  Ties that Bind at the Painted Bride Arts Center with Jennifer Morley’s Figments
  • November 11-12:  University of Iowa Alumni Concert; EGA was in residence teaching Modern and Ballet at UI from 11/9-12 and performed a solo at Space/Place Theatre
  • November 19:  Stone Depot hosts the fifth SkyDive Showing featuring NYC’s A.O. Movement Collective!
  • October 13 & 16 at 8 pm:  Skirting the Issue at the Collaborations in Dance Festival in Brooklyn, NY at Triskelion Arts
  • September 3 at 4 & 7 pm: Third and final Bodies of Text performance outdoors at Clark Park C (43rd and Baltimore) featuring Stone Depot founders EGA & Beau Hancock and ReAct Dance!
  • September 2 & 4:  Grab Bag Fringe Mini-Festival at the space (714 N Mascher St.) … the new RoofTop Trio, 108 Hours of This, comes to Philly!
  • July 9th, 2011:  RoofTop Dance Series in Brooklyn featured 108 Hours of This, a new trio by EGA featuring Beau Hancock and Marie Brown!
  • June 17 & 18 at 7:30 pm, June 19 at 2 pm & June 23-25 at 7:30 pm:  Group Motion performances with Headlong and Three Aksha at Mandell Theater (3300 Chestnut St.)
  • May 18:  A.W.A.R.D. Show at the Arts Bank featured Stone Depot Dance Lab/Ellie Goudie-Averill!
  • May 27: Second Bodies of Text performance at Studio 34 at 8 pm
  • May 28th at 7 & 9 pm and May 29th at 7 pm:  three more performances of the second Bodies of Text show at the gorgeous Christ Church Neighborhood House, with generous support from Philadelphia Dance Project and Dance UP’s New Stages Fund
  • February 26:  Stone Depot dancers EGA and Marie Brown improvised at the Opening Event for of Our Gallery & Studios
  • February 19-20: Premiere of Seeding, a collaborative duet between EGA and Jennifer Morley, at Group Motion’s Spiel Uhr (CEC)
  • January 14th, 2011:  INhale Performance Series, at the CHI Movment Arts Center at 7:30 pm, to featureConviction I:  Without Blinking if you can


  • December 11-12: Group Motion’s Spiel Uhr featured the premiere of Conviction I, a new duet by EGA/Stone Depot
  • September 29-October 3:  Willmington, DE Fringe Festival: Movement Brigade and Stone Depot Dance!
  • October 13: 3 pm Group Motion’s outdoor performance at Georgian Court University!
  • August 27-28:  Penumbra was happily revived for the Norristown Dance Festival!
  • September 3-4:  Philly Fringe Festival Performances:  Stone Depot/Rain Ross Dance premiered exciting new work at CHI Movement Arts Center/Home of Kun Yang Lin and Dancers!
  • July 24th: Movement Brigade performs at a stick and a stone‘s CD release party at the Magic Gardens!
  • June 5-6: Active Absence, a solo representation of EGA’s in progress Fringe work at the ETC Performance Series in West Philly. Community Education Center (3500 Lancaster)
  • May 15th:  Banana Dance Machine‘s last Hoorah at the HATCH Performance Series at The Works Studio in NYC.
  • May 14th:  INhale at CHI Movement Arts Center at 8 pm.  EGA in a duet  by Marcel Williams-Foster.
  • May 6 at 7 pm: Place: Memory: Here at Warehouse 414 in Topeka, KS:  Stone Depot in collaboration with Brandi Green and Kathleen O’Connor.  May 7th at 5 pm, informal showing at Lawrence Arts Center.
  • April 10th at 8 pm: Banana Dance Machine at Mascher Artists In Residence Performance:  Fresh Juice!  At the beautiful Mascher Space Co-Op (155 Cecil B Moore Ave).
  • March 27 at 8 pm: SCRAP Performance Group at the CEC opened the NY Dance Exchange Show
  • February 13-14 at 8 pm: Group Motion’s annual Spiel Uhr Concert at the CEC (3400 Lancaster, Philly)  featured a remount of Goudie-Averill’s Penumbra on the company!
  • February 8 at 8 pm: Excerpt of Movement Brigade’s Mo and Moe at Plays and Players (1714 Delancy, Philly)
  • February 5, 2010 at 8 pm: SCRAP Performance Group at Bryn Mawr College


  • December 18th at 7:30 pm, 2009: INhale Performance Series–Premiere of Banana Dance Machine!
  • November 6-7, 2009: Movement Brigade, choreography by Alie Vidich … EGA in a purple bunny suit!
  • October 22-25, 2009: Group Motion’s PNC Performances of City Dances/Parkway, beginning at the beautiful Rodin Museum
  • October 8-9 at 8 pm: Stone Depot Dance Lab premiere of Penumbra at RAW Material, Dance New Amsterdam
  • September 26, 2009: DUMBO Dance Festival (25 Jay St, Brooklyn), dancing Charlotte Adams’ choreography in a duet with the amazing Dawn Poirier (www.whitewavedance.com)
  • September 12-13 2009  at 3 pm: Group Motion in the Philadelphia Fringe (www.groupmotion.org)

2 Responses to “Upcoming Performances”

  1. Hey Ellie,

    Nice talking with you at the reception at the Arts Bank tonight (you said I had very good questions:)) Hope to see you at the church with the worms on the 28th.

    Loved your piece.

    Rich Rogers

    • Hi Rich,
      Great talking to you too, and you did indeed have very good questions! I am so glad that the piece resonated with you and I look forward to seeing you and talking with you again on the 28th! It should be a great show and if you want advance tickets you can get them at http://www.brownpapertickets.com.
      Thanks again!

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