Our Mission:

Stone Depot Dance Lab is a collaborative team of visual and performing artists whose mission is to create honest and experiential dances.  Formed by co-artistic directors Eleanor Goudie-Averill and Beau Hancock in 2007, Stone Depot Dance Lab takes its name from the Brooklyn loft where they lived, rehearsed, and presented their first shared concerts.  Now based in both Philadelphia and NYC, Stone Depot continues to make manifest their conviction that dance should be accessible to everyone.

Eleanor Goudie-Averill-

I am a dance artist and educator.  As a performer, I work on a project basis with choreographers whose processes intrigue and inspire me both physically and intellectually. I invest in the language of each piece I am a part of, engaging with subtlety, exactness, and shades of feeling within its unique vocabulary.  I enter the world of a work intent on fully inhabiting its emerging terrain, and ground myself in my relationship with my own material and connection to fellow performers.  I am dedicated to maintaining my technical training and stored body knowledge, while working to expand my range, depth, focus, and relevance as a contemporary dance artist in an ever-evolving field.

On Working Collectively:

Dance is a community practice. Creating with other artists is a complex form of communication, verbal and nonverbal, and is a chance to collectively express seemingly inexpressible notions as well as show facets of more tangible concepts.  Working together through improvisation or the sharing of phrases and dance ingredients leads to the creation of richer material than could have been created by the individual artist.  Taking in this kind of information feeds the body with new movement experiences.  Sharing your own material allows it to become less precious and more easily worked with objectively.

Power to art! Dance needs nothing but bodies and eyes to watch!

We are beautiful and hungry bodies producing a beautiful and hungry art form!



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